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Passenger in latest viral airline video has a lawyer

April 24th 2017 1:52PM
The woman who sobbed after an American Airlines flight attendant took her stroller now has a lawyer...

in tears

April 24th 2017 1:18PM
Another United Airlines passenger says she was removed from her seat weeks after a video of United dragging a bloody passenger off the plane ...

What United Airlines can teach us about Syria and violence as a last resort

April 24th 2017 1:11PM
The idea of force as a last resort was also salient in a letter to employees by United Airlines chief executive Oscar Munoz concerning the highly ...

After troubling video incidents, airlines should prioritize staying calm over being right

April 24th 2017 12:48PM
Last fall, American Airlines launched a pricey new ad campaign to salute "world's greatest flyers." Replete with zen-like images of cloud and ocean, ...

8AM Couch Chat: American Airlines Viral Video

April 24th 2017 12:17PM
American Airlines give United a lesson in PR. American Airlines quickly responded, unlike United, within 20 minutes after the video started going viral.

As other airlines cut Cuba service, JetBlue applies for more flights to the island

April 24th 2017 12:02PM
While several U.S. airlines have cut flights to Cuba citing weak demand, JetBlue Airways is bucking the trend and looking to add new flights. Last week ...

American Airlines in hot water over stroller incident

April 24th 2017 11:45AM
The incident that is going viral took place on an American Airlines video. A mother was trying to get a stroller on board the plane when a flight ...

Lawyer of dragged United passenger now represents mother in American Airlines incident

April 24th 2017 11:39AM
American Airlines spokeswoman Leslie Scott has said the airline is looking into the incident that occurred just before the woman boarded a Friday ...

David Dao's lawyer working with American Airlines passenger after stroller incident

April 24th 2017 11:30AM
The lawyer representing Dr. David Dao, the man dragged off a United Airlines plane, said he will also be representing the woman at the centre of an ...

Dr. Dao's Attorney Moves Sights from United to American Airlines over Stroller Fight

April 24th 2017 10:56AM
The lawyer who represents Doctor David Dao against United Airlines is now working for the mother involved in a American Airlines fight.