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Travel Question of the Day: Simon Calder on your rights when an airline changes your flight time

May 29th 2016 5:52PM
Q Last September I booked flights/accommodation for myself and partner to Crete, flying out of Manchester to Heraklion on Thomas Cook Airlines.

Delta Airlines Has Stepped In To Lend The TSA A Million Dollar Helping Hand

May 29th 2016 5:52PM
Delta Airlines, who are no strangers to innovation, have put up almost a million dollars in research and development to unveil their new “innovation ...

Ruling stocks in today's market: American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL)

May 29th 2016 5:30PM
American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQAAL), from the Services sector exhibited a worth of $ 31.65 today, demonstrating a change in price of 0.44%.

Are outrageous airline fees going buh-bye?

May 29th 2016 5:07PM
Airline fees aren't disappearing anytime soon, but the most ridiculous of them may be headed for the emergency exits. By "ridiculous" I mean United ...

Bank of China Airplane Wing's $1.1 Billion IPO Shows Asia Shift

May 29th 2016 5:07PM
The skies above Asia will get more crowded during the next 20 years as airlines acquire planes to fly more passengers from developing economies.

Why Most Airlines Won't Use Streaming Technology for Aircraft Data

May 29th 2016 4:22PM
Indonesian officials remove the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from AirAsia flight QZ8501 upon its arrival in Pangkalan Bun on January 13, 2015.

EgyptAir Crash: Why Don't More Airlines Stream Black Box Data?

May 29th 2016 3:15PM
Instead, it activates in the event of an abnormal occurrence, then quickly sends a torrent of data to the airline for analysis and to apply corrective action.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: 4th Possible Debris Piece This Week Discovered — Many More ...

May 29th 2016 3:15PM
After three new pieces of debris thought to come from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 were discovered on beaches in the Western Indian ...

Iberia recrafting itself in LatAm as business airline

May 29th 2016 3:15PM
Serving 20 destinations in 15 Latin American countries, Iberia airline is revamping its services with the aim of transforming itself into "the" business ...

Aviation Leaders Gathering in Dublin

May 29th 2016 2:41PM
The airline industry's most senior leaders will discuss measures to ensure the economic and social benefits of safe, secure, efficient and sustainable ...