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American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Little Rock

October 22nd 2016 9:15PM
American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Little Rock ... American Airlines Airbus 319, made an emergency landing Saturday evening at ...

Vintage United Airlines Advertising

October 22nd 2016 7:54PM
Pristine, boxed, Vintage United Airlines map of the US, 3-D raised plastic framed. 43'-30. Great collectible in perfect condition. Back has hooks for ...

American Airlines flight makes emergency landing at LIT

October 22nd 2016 7:22PM
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- An American Airlines Airbus 319 made an emergency landing at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport after staff ...

American Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Clinton National Airport

October 22nd 2016 5:38PM
Spokesperson for American Airlines, Alexis Aran Coello, said the flight was diverted after an odor was reported in the cabin. American Airlines flight ...

Three airlines set for 'red flag' removal

October 22nd 2016 5:18PM
Three Thai-registered airlines are expected to be re-issued air operator certificates early next year after the International Civil Aviation Organisation's ...

Hawaiian Airlines wins right to weigh people before boarding

October 22nd 2016 3:26PM
Remember the airline that caused outrage by weighing bigger passengers before ... However the department just ruled in favour of the airline.

Airline Suspends Venezuela Flights After Plane Is Tracked

October 22nd 2016 2:41PM
Avianca had become the most reliable carrier to Venezuela, as airlines from Europe, the U.S. and Latin American countries have in recent years either ...

Discriminatory? Hawaiian Airlines wins right to weigh passengers, Samoans outraged

October 22nd 2016 2:07PM
Hawaiian Airlines to weigh passengers: Is one US based airliner new policy discriminatory? Samoan passengers argue they're being specifically ...

Obama lets airline regulations that benefit travelers fly

October 22nd 2016 1:43PM
President Obama extolled new regulations that he said would increase competition among airlines and ensure airlines treat customers fairly.

Libyan Airlines syndicates condemn abduction of CEO, threaten to go on strike

October 22nd 2016 1:33PM
The syndicates at the Libyan Airlines Company as well as the air transport's labor and syndicate unions issued a statement on Friday condemning the ...